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Best Way to Travel Japan

If you got fourteen days off from your daily job, use it to travel a country that you have never visited before. It is not only relaxing your mind from the daily routines, but it can also ease up your health, community welfare, relationships and even boost your work performance after that. Japan is one of the most recommended countries to visit around the world. You can travel to this country by yourself and relax your mind in this beautiful and peaceful country.

Tips to do a Japan Travelling

Japan is now very open to the world and do a massive promotion to tourism in Japan. Some countries, including Indonesia, are also freed from visa to visit Japan if the tourist fulfills the requirement to make a pre-departure registration for those who have e-passport since December 2014. Here are some tips to do traveling in Japan.

  • Discipline Yourself

Japanese are very strict to the rules, such as waiting in order and not cutting the line off, not crossing the street when the light is red, and even throw the trash in the ordered places. Therefore, we need to train ourselves to be disciplined so you can avoid problems in Japan. In Japan, we must be very punctual since all the transportation there come right on time. Those things may sound very trivial, but it is a must-do in Japan.

  • Choose the Right Time

Autumn and Spring are the best time to travel to Japan since the weather are the best when these seasons are coming. It is not too hot or too cold, it is very suitable for those who live in tropical places. The views are very good to while these seasons are coming. In spring you can see the cherry trees blossom, so you can enjoy Japan in pink. And when it is Autumn, the streets are covered by yellow leaves on the side. Besides, you can plan your trip months before departure. Buying your plane tickets months before will give you the best price. Make sure your plan ticket is permanent and buy insurance days before departure to protect yourself from unwanted events.

  • Minimalize the Baggage

Chose your baggage nicely by bringing just the needed clothes according to the season while visiting Japan. When you visit Japan in winter, you need to bring thick Jacket, multi-layered clothes, socks, and boots. Wearing multi-layered clothes that are easy to put off will help you to be adapted to the season easier. Chose the shoes that are easy to put off since you will spend more time not wearing one. You better avoid shoes with straps and wear stocking to get through the body scanner machine.

  • Find the Best Place to Stay the Night

If you want to experience the culture of traditional housing in Japan, you can choose to stay in the native’s houses or go to guest houses like Ryokan or Minshuku. Both of them provide traditional rooms and even provide Japanese traditional dinner and breakfast. You will know how it feels to sleep on a futon and tatami (traditional rolled mattress from Japan) and even wear yukata or Japanese traditional clothes. You can borrow Japanese traditional sandals called Geta to go strolling or trying the Japanese public bathing place.

  • Use Mobile Apps

To have a safe experience exploring Japan, you better use some mobile apps to help your accommodation. Google maps will help you a lot while traveling, like finding you the best place to visit, restaurants and even the transportations and accommodations to go from one place to another.