Korean Travelling Tricks without Tour Package

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Some of us may think that having a Korean trip package might be boring and strict. It can be caused by the demanding schedule with too many destinations to go at a set time. Moreover, the given private time is very limited since the number of participants. It is no longer surprising that a tour package is not very comfortable for those who really want to explore the destination

Traveling to Korea

South Korea is now the most popular country with numerous tourist destinations in eastern Asia. This country is famous with its numbers of boy or girl group that hit the popularity among other countries including the United States of America. For you who are interested to have a trip to South Korea without participating in a tour package, here are some tricks that may be helpful.

  • Set Plan from Days Before

Before heading somewhere you are unfamiliar about, it is better to do research first and set the trip months before. It is important to research before having your trip to South Korea because there are many things you need to prepare beforehand, like the weather and the clothes we need to bring according to it. Then, we need to set the time when we are going to buy the plane ticket, the first hotel we are going to book and how long. It is also important to know the places you are going to visit in South Korea and set the trip schedule.

  • Prepare your Passport and Visa

The next thing you need to do is preparing your documents, like passport and visa. You need to prepare documents like SOA or statement of account (copy of SPT PPh 21) and working statement to fulfill the requirements to get the visa for your passport from South Korean Embassy. Make sure those documents are ready before you submit the form to get your Korean visa.

  • Book Hotel

After you now the places or destinations that you are going to visit, you need to book the hotels near those places. At least you need to decide one place to be your first visit if you plan to pick the destination after arriving in your destination country and then decide the next visit before your booking time in the first hotel is ended. Choose a hotel near the capital or tourist area to cut down the budget for transportation.

  • Change your Money to Korean Won (KRW)

Do not forget to change your money to Korean Won before going to Korea. Mostly, Korean people use digitized money to do almost every transaction. You need to prepare enough cash in order to anticipate the limited access to the bank in Korea. If you insist to use a debit card and take the money from ATM, you need to make sure that your card has chip and Master sign to make sure your debit card can be used in the ATM around the world.

  • Use Google

Lastly, use google to go everywhere you want, prepare your budget and what accommodations you should take.