Popular and Delicious Korean Food

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For some people who love K-Pop and K-Drama will be familiar with some Korean food, like Kimchi and Tteokbokki. South Korean foods can also compete with the foods from the other east Asian countries like Japan and China. Korean foods are now also popular to the other countries including the US and Europe since the K-fever is spreading around the world.

Must-Try Korean Foods

Here are some Korean foods that are very famous around the world that you should try when you go to visit South Korea or authentic Korean restaurants.

  • Kimchi

Kimchi is known as the spicy pickle from Korea. Kimchi was made from fermented vegetables. It is fermented by scrubbing the vegetables with spices and salt. White mustard, radish, cucumber, and cabbage are the most common Kimchi that the native usually eat. It is fermented inside earthenware vessels that are buried in the ground for a few days. Kimchi can last for a long time if it is stored nicely.

  • Tteokbokki

Korea is known for its spicy foods. One of the most popular spicy food in Korean that we can easily found as street food is tteokbokki. Tteokbokki is a Korean spicy rice cake. In some drama or tv show, it often stole the attention of the viewers. Tteokbokki is being prepared by cut it into pieces and the nice spicy gravy is being spread on the top of the rice cake with the slice of green onions, eggs or fish cakes.

  • Kimbab

If Japan has sushi, Korea has Kimbab. Not much different from sushi, Kimbab also has filling inside the rolled rice. Kimbab’s fillings are more various than sushi, Kimbab is only depended on fish or the other seafood. Kimbab can be filled with meat, vegetables or even modified with the other ingredients. The rice is being seasoned with sesame oil and a pinch of salt. The rice is being rolled up inside the nori or flat seaweed.

  • Ramyeon

Another Korean version of Japanese food is Ramen. In Korea, we call it Ramyeon. Korean ramyeon is very famous for those who love Korean Drama and movies. Almost in every movie, there is a scene where the characters are eating ramyeon with the pan lid. The difference between Ramen and Ramyeon is in its broth and toppings. Ramen has fish or meat broth and topped with Naruto-some kind of fish cake, or Menma (boiled bamboo), while Ramyeon uses Anchovy or shrimp broth and topped with kimchi.

  • Jjangmyeon

Jjangmeyon is originally a Chinese Korean combined cuisine. Jjangmyeon is a kind of noodle that is topped with thick black gravy on it. This black gravy is made of soy sauce and some slice of pork meats and vegetables.

  • Bulgogi

Bulgogi is made from thinly sliced beef that is roasted and then stir-fried. Before it is roasted, the beef is marinated in fish and soy sauces. Korean has a unique way to eat bulgogi. They usually put wrap bulgogi inside the perilla leaves with gochujang (chili paste) and garlic in it.