Want to Do Solo Traveling? Get These Tips!

Traveling somewhere is one of the popular activities among people, especially for young men. This day, you can say that traveling is one of their necessities to brighten up their routine daily activities.

There are two kinds of traveling person. They are solo and group travelers. You may see there are numbers of group travelers. Otherwise, the number of solo travelers is high too. Do solo traveling will help you a lot to find who you really are.

Are you interested to do solo traveling? Don’t be afraid! There are the following tips you can do for solo traveling:

Find the Perfect Place to Stay

The first and important things you need to do is to find the perfect place to stay. Perfect here means you shouldn’t get to the five-star hotels or something like that. Perfect here means you need to find a place to stay with many positive reviews.

In this modern era, you can get this information through the internet. Outside the cost of night, you need to find the place with the best services and other best complimentary. Make sure you have the best deal for it.

Learn Daily Local Languages

Every city has its different languages. Even they still have the same language but still, it has differences. While deciding to go to another city, you have to make sure that you learn their languages properly.

You just have to learn their basic languages or it will be so much better to learn their daily language. You can learn it from the internet and don’t forget to learn how to pronounce them in the proper ways. It helps you a lot to speak with the locals as well.

Wear Local’s Dress

Why you should wear like the locals? First, remember that you are traveling alone. It means you have no one to help you in the emergency times. Many tourists get harassed cause of they wear the dress as what they use in their country.

In many cities, if the locals know that you are traveling alone, you are in great danger. To avoid this kind of situation, then wearing the dress like the locals will be great choices for you.

Learn Local’s Culture

Besides learning the language, and how to dress up like the locals, don’t forget to learn their culture. The culture here means the manners and attitudes of locals. Once you get there, you need to respect them.

Every city has different treatments. You just need to find out about what you should and shouldn’t do during the holiday.

Have a List of Emergency Contact Information

The last but not list is having a list of emergency contact information. Should you do it? Yes, you never know what will be happened during your vacation, having emergency contact is a must. You can find on the internet about the local’s emergency contact information. Don’t forget to keep it on your phone, notebook, and so on.

Those are some tips for solo travelers. Don’t be afraid to start solo traveling because it helps you to find your own self.

Travel Gadgets You Must Have

Do you like traveling around the world? If yes you do, do you invest your money on certain gadgets? Wait! What is the relation between gadget and traveling? Well, for many travelers, even they are in a different country, gadgets are everything.

Gadgets here mean any electronic device which can help you to keep contact with others. As we know, some of the cities have their rules and regulation of the phone numbers and some. Thus, make sure you have these amazing gadgets to accompany you traveling around the world:

All in One Plug Adapter

Before going to somewhere, you need to notice first about the plug adapter. Why? In different countries or even cities, the plug adapter may be different. It is so annoying while you bring the usual plug adapter and you can’t use it well, right?

When you have no access to plug adapter, your gadgets will be turned off during the holiday. It isn’t good, is it? To ensure you have access to electricity, you can buy the all-in-one plug adapter. It consists of numbers of plug adapter in one thing.

Noise-Cancelling Headphones

When you go traveling by taking the airplane, these headphones will be very suitable for you. If you want to take asleep during the flight with no interruption of a crying baby, chatting passengers, and more, you need to take it with you.

It helps you a lot to get away from any noises around. It helps you a lot if you don’t want to get socialize with passengers.

USB Flash Drive

Another way to keep your document save is by using the USB Flash Drive. You can keep your document, there and use it for check-in hotels and more. It also helps you if your real document is stolen and you still have the scanned one.

Portable Phone Charger

Besides bringing the plug adapter, you also need to bring a portable phone charger with you. If you have a plan to go outside for a long time, you will not worry whether your battery phone is getting low or not.

Car Charger

Another gadget you need to bring with is a car charger. While you decide to rent a car, this car charger will help you a lot. Just imagine when you are driving the car and suddenly your battery phone is getting low, meanwhile you need the maps on it? Doesn’t it bother you?

By bringing the car charger, no matter how long your journey is, your battery phone is still full.

Weatherproof Phone Case

Never underestimate the weather. Even if the prediction is a sunny day, it is so much better if you get the umbrella before raining, is not it? For this problem, you need to have a weatherproof phone case for your phone.

Well, using zip plastic is fine. However, using a phone in plastic is a difficult thing. If you can make it simple by using the weatherproof case, why not?

Solar Charger

If you decide to spend a long time in the outdoor area, the solar charger will help you a lot to keep your phone in the standby position. The outdoor activities like campers, climbers, hikers, and others are great to invest your money to this solar charger.

You don’t need the plugs for this thing. All you need is solar energy and you can get it whenever you go.

Wireless Router or Portable Hard Drive

If you need the internet connection during the journey, just try to consider using a wireless router or portable hard drive. It provides you secure internet connection whenever you go and you can share it with friends up to 4 or 5 people at once, according to each model.

It is very suitable for you who need to connect to the internet during the journey. This device also is light and compact. Thus, it doesn’t make big differences for your carry on things.

Those are 8 amazing gadgets you can carry with while traveling around the world. You can feel more enjoy with those gadgets and get the best quality time of enjoying the panorama around. Just make an investment in these gadgets. It is fine to pay more to get a higher quality of the gadget itself.

Popular and Delicious Korean Food

For some people who love K-Pop and K-Drama will be familiar with some Korean food, like Kimchi and Tteokbokki. South Korean foods can also compete with the foods from the other east Asian countries like Japan and China. Korean foods are now also popular to the other countries including the US and Europe since the K-fever is spreading around the world.

Must-Try Korean Foods

Here are some Korean foods that are very famous around the world that you should try when you go to visit South Korea or authentic Korean restaurants.

  • Kimchi

Kimchi is known as the spicy pickle from Korea. Kimchi was made from fermented vegetables. It is fermented by scrubbing the vegetables with spices and salt. White mustard, radish, cucumber, and cabbage are the most common Kimchi that the native usually eat. It is fermented inside earthenware vessels that are buried in the ground for a few days. Kimchi can last for a long time if it is stored nicely.

  • Tteokbokki

Korea is known for its spicy foods. One of the most popular spicy food in Korean that we can easily found as street food is tteokbokki. Tteokbokki is a Korean spicy rice cake. In some drama or tv show, it often stole the attention of the viewers. Tteokbokki is being prepared by cut it into pieces and the nice spicy gravy is being spread on the top of the rice cake with the slice of green onions, eggs or fish cakes.

  • Kimbab

If Japan has sushi, Korea has Kimbab. Not much different from sushi, Kimbab also has filling inside the rolled rice. Kimbab’s fillings are more various than sushi, Kimbab is only depended on fish or the other seafood. Kimbab can be filled with meat, vegetables or even modified with the other ingredients. The rice is being seasoned with sesame oil and a pinch of salt. The rice is being rolled up inside the nori or flat seaweed.

  • Ramyeon

Another Korean version of Japanese food is Ramen. In Korea, we call it Ramyeon. Korean ramyeon is very famous for those who love Korean Drama and movies. Almost in every movie, there is a scene where the characters are eating ramyeon with the pan lid. The difference between Ramen and Ramyeon is in its broth and toppings. Ramen has fish or meat broth and topped with Naruto-some kind of fish cake, or Menma (boiled bamboo), while Ramyeon uses Anchovy or shrimp broth and topped with kimchi.

  • Jjangmyeon

Jjangmeyon is originally a Chinese Korean combined cuisine. Jjangmyeon is a kind of noodle that is topped with thick black gravy on it. This black gravy is made of soy sauce and some slice of pork meats and vegetables.

  • Bulgogi

Bulgogi is made from thinly sliced beef that is roasted and then stir-fried. Before it is roasted, the beef is marinated in fish and soy sauces. Korean has a unique way to eat bulgogi. They usually put wrap bulgogi inside the perilla leaves with gochujang (chili paste) and garlic in it.

Korean Travelling Tricks without Tour Package

Some of us may think that having a Korean trip package might be boring and strict. It can be caused by the demanding schedule with too many destinations to go at a set time. Moreover, the given private time is very limited since the number of participants. It is no longer surprising that a tour package is not very comfortable for those who really want to explore the destination

Traveling to Korea

South Korea is now the most popular country with numerous tourist destinations in eastern Asia. This country is famous with its numbers of boy or girl group that hit the popularity among other countries including the United States of America. For you who are interested to have a trip to South Korea without participating in a tour package, here are some tricks that may be helpful.

  • Set Plan from Days Before

Before heading somewhere you are unfamiliar about, it is better to do research first and set the trip months before. It is important to research before having your trip to South Korea because there are many things you need to prepare beforehand, like the weather and the clothes we need to bring according to it. Then, we need to set the time when we are going to buy the plane ticket, the first hotel we are going to book and how long. It is also important to know the places you are going to visit in South Korea and set the trip schedule.

  • Prepare your Passport and Visa

The next thing you need to do is preparing your documents, like passport and visa. You need to prepare documents like SOA or statement of account (copy of SPT PPh 21) and working statement to fulfill the requirements to get the visa for your passport from South Korean Embassy. Make sure those documents are ready before you submit the form to get your Korean visa.

  • Book Hotel

After you now the places or destinations that you are going to visit, you need to book the hotels near those places. At least you need to decide one place to be your first visit if you plan to pick the destination after arriving in your destination country and then decide the next visit before your booking time in the first hotel is ended. Choose a hotel near the capital or tourist area to cut down the budget for transportation.

  • Change your Money to Korean Won (KRW)

Do not forget to change your money to Korean Won before going to Korea. Mostly, Korean people use digitized money to do almost every transaction. You need to prepare enough cash in order to anticipate the limited access to the bank in Korea. If you insist to use a debit card and take the money from ATM, you need to make sure that your card has chip and Master sign to make sure your debit card can be used in the ATM around the world.

  • Use Google

Lastly, use google to go everywhere you want, prepare your budget and what accommodations you should take.

Wanna Do Fun Things in Bali?

Bali. Have you heard that name before? Most of us didn’t know that Bali is a part of Indonesia. Now, you know, right? Bali is one of the beautiful islands of Indonesia. It is getting famous for its culture. If you want to get there, you can try to use Bali tour packages. There are numbers of Bali tours packages you can pick based on your interest.

It is one of the most favorites of tourism destination all over the world. Once you get there, you will love Bali so much. There are tons of fun things you can do. You just need to sort out one or more of the fun things you would like to do.

Do you want to know about the fun things you can do in Bali? Here we go!

Ubud Day Tour

While you are going to Bali, it will never complete if you don’t visit Ubud. Ubud is one of sub-district in Bali. What you should do in Ubud day tour ? There are many fun things you can go with such as:

  • Seeing the breathtaking rice terraces. One of the best ways to enjoy Bali’s panorama is by seeing their rice terraces. The rice terraces in Tegalalang are the most famous places for its beautiful sightseeing of rice terraces. The high roadside location makes the weather breezy and cool. You also can stop for a while and take some photographs there.
  • Visiting sacred monkey forest. In this forest, you can see around 200 monkeys. Wow! The locals believe that the monkeys are as Gods Guard of Dalem Agung Temple. You also can feed them by giving them some peanuts.
  • Visiting Goa Gajah Temple. If you want to get a historical memory, you can visit this temple. In this temple, you can see the relics contained in the rock-wall carvings, bathing pools, fountains, meditation cave, and the courtyard.
  • Seeing the process of Bali coffee Luwak. For the coffee lovers, seeing the process of Bali coffee Luwak made is so satisfying. You just don’t see the process. You also can taste all provided coffee and how to enjoy it from the expert one.
  • Visiting Ubud art villages. Do you want to visit the art center of Bali? Here is the right place for you! In these art villages, you can see various handmade art from the locals. You can visit Mas village, for wood carving arts; Celuk village, for handmade silver jewelry; Tohpati village, for Batik weaving.

The Best Waterfalls Tour

Oh, yes! There are numbers of beautiful waterfalls in Bali. Who says Bali just have gorgeous beaches only? If you want to see the beautiful waterfalls, you can choose this Bali tour packages. It is perfect options to see and enjoy another scene of Bali from its waterfall.

There are 3 Bali best waterfalls you need to visit, like:

  • Munduk Waterfalls

This waterfall is located within Bali’s forested and lush central-northern highland in Munduk, Buleleng, North Bali. If you want to get the perfect and scenic waterfalls, Munduk waterfall is the best choices ever.

  • Sekumpul Waterfalls

Have you seen Niagara Falls? The most beautiful and iconic waterfalls in the border of Canada, Ontario, and New York, United States? Yes, Sekumpul waterfalls have fairly close to the Niagara Falls. It is your time to enjoy the Bali version of Niagara Falls and see how beautiful it is!

  • Banyumala Twin Waterfalls

Do you wish to swim in waterfalls? You can get to the Banyumala Twin waterfalls. Once you get there, you need to walk down to the waterfalls. The water is cold but it is nice to swim there. If you don’t want to swim, there are numbers of lovely spot to relax and enjoy the scenes. Thus, you can listen to the sound of farce water against the rocks.

There are many fun things you can do with Bali tour packages in Bali such as snorkeling, diving, surfing, sunbathing, and many more. Don’t forget to taste the original local foods in Bali. It will make you realize how rich the Balinese culture is through their foods. You can see there are many food markets or restaurants alongside any tourism attraction. Thus, you just have to visit one of them and taste them well.

Best Way to Travel Japan

If you got fourteen days off from your daily job, use it to travel a country that you have never visited before. It is not only relaxing your mind from the daily routines, but it can also ease up your health, community welfare, relationships and even boost your work performance after that. Japan is one of the most recommended countries to visit around the world. You can travel to this country by yourself and relax your mind in this beautiful and peaceful country.

Tips to do a Japan Travelling

Japan is now very open to the world and do a massive promotion to tourism in Japan. Some countries, including Indonesia, are also freed from visa to visit Japan if the tourist fulfills the requirement to make a pre-departure registration for those who have e-passport since December 2014. Here are some tips to do traveling in Japan.

  • Discipline Yourself

Japanese are very strict to the rules, such as waiting in order and not cutting the line off, not crossing the street when the light is red, and even throw the trash in the ordered places. Therefore, we need to train ourselves to be disciplined so you can avoid problems in Japan. In Japan, we must be very punctual since all the transportation there come right on time. Those things may sound very trivial, but it is a must-do in Japan.

  • Choose the Right Time

Autumn and Spring are the best time to travel to Japan since the weather are the best when these seasons are coming. It is not too hot or too cold, it is very suitable for those who live in tropical places. The views are very good to while these seasons are coming. In spring you can see the cherry trees blossom, so you can enjoy Japan in pink. And when it is Autumn, the streets are covered by yellow leaves on the side. Besides, you can plan your trip months before departure. Buying your plane tickets months before will give you the best price. Make sure your plan ticket is permanent and buy insurance days before departure to protect yourself from unwanted events.

  • Minimalize the Baggage

Chose your baggage nicely by bringing just the needed clothes according to the season while visiting Japan. When you visit Japan in winter, you need to bring thick Jacket, multi-layered clothes, socks, and boots. Wearing multi-layered clothes that are easy to put off will help you to be adapted to the season easier. Chose the shoes that are easy to put off since you will spend more time not wearing one. You better avoid shoes with straps and wear stocking to get through the body scanner machine.

  • Find the Best Place to Stay the Night

If you want to experience the culture of traditional housing in Japan, you can choose to stay in the native’s houses or go to guest houses like Ryokan or Minshuku. Both of them provide traditional rooms and even provide Japanese traditional dinner and breakfast. You will know how it feels to sleep on a futon and tatami (traditional rolled mattress from Japan) and even wear yukata or Japanese traditional clothes. You can borrow Japanese traditional sandals called Geta to go strolling or trying the Japanese public bathing place.

  • Use Mobile Apps

To have a safe experience exploring Japan, you better use some mobile apps to help your accommodation. Google maps will help you a lot while traveling, like finding you the best place to visit, restaurants and even the transportations and accommodations to go from one place to another.